Sgt/Inst. RAEC, seconded to 6 AA Brigade, Tilbury, Essex. 1946. EnglandTenured Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School, 1972

In my office (Professor and Member), Biosciences Communication and Medical Education, Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York, 1978

Dr. Ivana Day by the Kwa River, Calabar, South-Eastern Nigeria (circa 1983)

Amazon Basin. Tiputani Biodiversity Research Station. Access to unpopulated interior only by six hour canoe journey via Amazon River. Stacey and Ivana Day, 1996. (Ecuador).

From left to right:

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin.
McGill University, Montreal (in which was absolved the Ph.D. degree in Experimental Surgery, 1960).
University of Cincinnati Medical College, Department of Surgery, and Shriners Hospital Burns Institute. (In which was absolved the D.Sc. degree in Surgical Science, 1972).
Bell Museum of Pathology, Department of Pathology, University of Minnesota Medical School.

Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, Laboratory for Communications and Education, New York.
University of Calabar College of Medical Sciences, Calabar, Cross River State, Eastern Nigeria.
Federal Government, Nigeria (For which I undertook Consultant Studies and WHO/USAID Programs).

World Health Organization (WHO/OMS) Geneva, for which I was a Consultant on HMD and SHS.
World Health Organization Collaborating Center for International and Community Oriented Health Manpower Development at Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee. Instituted 1987.
Karolinum, Charles University, Prague, where I undertook studies at various times from 1990 - 2005.
Charles University, Prague, (Fulbright Professor 1989 - 1990).

Stacey Day on 86th birthday, Sylvester (December 31st), 2013